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The home of math enthusiasts who want nothing more than to bring math home to people like you, Matter of Math is the haven for all things mathematical!

Jesse Woods is the heart of Matter of Math – the passion behind making this website as accessible and helpful as it can be.

Jesse Woods Mountain Original

Jesse Woods, BSc Math Phys (Hons)

Teacher, Author, Editor & Publisher

From a young age, Jesse engaged with extracurricular Mensa Math and lateral thinking classes. His two most ardent passions are constantly developing new skills and tweaking great things to make them better than before.

Jesse qualified with a Degree in Mathematics and Physics and is a member of both the American Mathematics Society (AMS) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). He specialized in quantum mechanics and fluid dynamics, brought math and science to a wide range of students in high school classrooms, and continues to teach his own home-schooled children.

He is an active-ist, gamer, runner, advocate for all things health, food lover, and can usually be found being bossed around by his kids or at the computer finding new ways to make math more enjoyable!

Matter of Math is Here for You

Here to help you break down complicated mathematical ideas into bitesize chunks that make sense and can be applied to both exams and real-life situations.

Please have patience while the content is being uploaded throughout 2021. If there is a topic that you are keen to see here, please visit Matter of Math’s contact page and email Jesse, or fill in our contact form.

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